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The Hunt (2012)
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Scott Thompson and Raúl Esparza being adorable goofballs [x]

Bonus Scott pulling faces: 

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Did you and Bryan and Mads, or any combination thereof, talk before you started the story where you and Hannibal get together about whether Hannibal actually is attracted to [her]? (x) [Audio is terrible so there’s definitely some mistake in the subs. Sorry.]

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Чёрный ворон, чёрный ворон,
Что ж ты вьёшься надо мной,
Ты добычи не дождёшься,
Чёрный ворон, я не твой

"A version of me."


make me choose : house of cards or sons of anarchy

"Will Graham and I, approaching Dr. Lecter’s cell. Graham was tense and I could smell fear on him. I thought Dr. Lecter was asleep and I jumped when he recognized Will Graham by scent without opening his eyes. […] Like Graham, I found, and find, the scrutiny of Dr. Lecter uncomfortable, intrusive, like the humming in your thoughts when they X-ray your head. […]
Years later when I started The Silence of the Lambs, I did not know that Dr. Lecter would return. I had always liked the character of Dahlia Iyad in Black Sunday and wanted to do a novel with a strong woman as the central character. So I began with Clarice Starling and, not two pages into the new novel, I found she had to go visit the doctor. I admired Clarice Starling enormously and I think I suffered some feelings of jealousy at the ease with which Dr. Lecter saw into her, when it was so difficult for me. By the time I undertook to record the events in Hannibal, the doctor, to my surprise, had taken on a life of his own. You seemed to find him as oddly engaging as I did. I dreaded doing Hannibal, dreaded the personal wear and tear, dreaded the choices I would have to watch, feared for Starling. In the end I let them go, as you must let characters go, let Dr. Lecter and Clarice Starling decide events according to their natures. There is a certain amount of courtesy involved. As a sultan once said: I do not keep falcons—they live with me."

Thomas Harris Miami, January 2000

Red Dragon, Foreword to a Fatal Interview

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1x1 Apéritif / 2x13 Mizumono

heateus meme: [1/4 characters] - Alana Bloom

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