Mads Mikkelsen in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself (2002)

NBC!Hannibal & Silence of the Lambs


What can’t you repress, Hannibal?




The only thing Will better be riding in next year is the back of a police cruiser for first degree murder, conspiracy, abuse of power, assault, and every other law he and his fishing buddy Jack broke.

Ummm… did you forget Hannibal has done far more heinous crimes and deserves to be in the back of that cruiser as much as if not more than Will? Cuz I think you might have forgotten that…

Ummm…. did you forget that Will is currently bleeding out on Lecter’s kitchen floor while Hannibal is chilling on a plane to France and thus clearly not as attainable to the proper authorities as Will Graham (who btw is ALSO on the run from the police and has a warrant out for his arrest).

Did you also forget that the significance of the bike comes from the canon Hannibal Rising. He rides a stolen BMW bike all around Europe. And since Rising is up next on the show’s remix plan it makes about 5000% more sense for Lecter to be riding that bike than Will.

Cuz I think you might have forgotten that…



René Magritte:
The Lovers I & II


Hannibal Sketch


Hannibal Sketch

Ready when you are, Sergeant Pembry.



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